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I like when you drink that espresso and have to poop immediately.

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it's another theatre survey!!!
1. Disney/Pixar wants to make an animated film out of one of your top ten favorite musicals. Which one should they make and why?
2. What do you think about breaking the fourth wall?
3. Pick a show. Any show. Got it? Okay, now every single character is now being played by someone of the opposite sex. So who's in it?
4. Stephen Sondheim or Andrew Lloyd Webber? No, we won't judge. NOW EXPLAIN YOURSELF.
5. Cast one of your least favorite shows with people who would make you want to see it.
6. Who killed Edwin Drood?
7. You're in charge of some prime advertisement space in Times Square. Which shows are you giving this space to and why?
8. Movie musicals: awesome or awful?
9. Bootlegs: best things ever or worst things ever?
10. How many playbills do you take when you see a show?
11. Weirdest/funniest/most memorable stage door experience. GO.
12. What is your most prized theatre-related possession?
13. Which Book of Mormon missionary would you let in your house?
14. Jukebox musicals. Are they a waste of space or super fun?
15. What shows are you most excited for this season (on Broadway, the West End, or on tour)?
16. It's an understudy extravaganza! Cast the two lead roles of three of your favorite shows with understudies who have played those roles before.
17. Let's pretend for a sec that you don't need a big star to have a movie musical success. Pick out a cast for the movie version of one of your favorite musicals. No Hollywood stars allowed.
18. Name a film or television actor/actress you think would actually do really well onstage. And while you're at it, tell us what show s/he should be in.
20. Do you prefer large theatres with a billion seats and the technology to have super crazy effects happen onstage while the stage itself is spinning around and shit, or smaller theatres where everything is lower-key and simpler?
21. Give one-sentence reviews of the last five shows you've seen.
22. What is the show that you went into with low expectations but then came out completely obsessed?
23. Are there any shows you think are worth seeing at least once? Like the big-name ones. The ones people think it's cool to hate on because it makes them a theatre hipster or something. Those ones.
24. On that note, what's an underrated show that closed way before its time?
25. If you received a full scholarship to any college with the stipulation that you must go into a field that is at least related to the performing arts, what would you study?
26. Do you believe in love, would you stay high, or do you want to be invisible?
27. Everyone has those shows they wanted to see but were never able to get to. What are some of your favorites you never got to see?
28. Which shows first come to mind when you read the following song titles: "I Believe," "Santa Fe," "Ever After," and why the hell not: "Overture"?
29. Congratulations! You're now a really rich theatre patron with enough money to make your own awards! So go ahead and tell us what those awards would be called, what sort of categories you'd hand them out for, and if you can think of some winners, tell us who they'd be!
30. Pick a book, a movie, and a TV show you'd like to be made into either a stage play or a musical, and tell us which one and why.

Drawn by Essy May


Drawn by Essy May