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What is love to you?

Love is being comfortable in their presence,
even when you’re wearing the worst clothes you have.

Love is calling them late at night,
and not have to say a thing.

Love is wanting to know what they do every second,
and knowing you sound like a creep saying it.

Love is listening to their crap singing,
and joining in.

Love is standing a bit closer to them than normal,
because you just want to make sure they are real.

Love is staring at them while they talk,
and when they ask why you have no answer.

Love is not remembering what they smell like,
because you spend so much time with them.

Love is when you still get nervous to ask them out,
because you think they are still better than you.

Love is saying goodbye in the mornings before work or school,
and saying goodnight when you drift off in their arms.

Love is the cool side of the pillow,
and the random warm spot of the bed.

Love is walking in the rain without an umbrella,
and changing into a warm set of clothes at home.

Love is tickling so much it’ll take your breath away,
but you’ll still be laughing.

Love is when you’re so tired you could pass out,
but you don’t want to leave them for even a moment.

Love is being there,
no matter what.

Love is a garden,
it has its weeds and thorns,
but no matter what,
the two of you put your hearts into it,
and its growing with every passing day.

poem based off oitnb “What is love to you?” (via gayboyfriencl)
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